Praises From the Hair & Make-Up Workshop
with the SC Film Commission ‘Featuring Kelcey Fry’

Joyce Gilliard says: “Hello Beauty Professionals!!! Most of you attended the very first hair and make-up workshop in Columbia today. How was it? What did you learn? We are excited to hear your stories.

Mattie Rodriguez says, “I’ll let you know when I’m back from cloud 9J” & “One of the things I loved most was that she confirmed a lot of the things that I thought but wasn’t quite sure if it was just me, mainly about business practices.” & “Awesome, awesome, awesome!” & “Kelcey, if you had an FB page, we would be blowing it up! Lol.” & “This workshop was so awesome. I loved it and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the awesome ladies from this group.” & “Today I tried a couple of things from yesterday on a client. I couldn’t wait to do so.”

Lisa-Priscilla Artist says, “Lol, I agree with Mattie Rodriguez, it was awesome. The best part was, “you’re healed” lol. I think it got us all.” & “Outstanding person X Infinity= Kelcey Fry.”

Alisa Jervise Locke says, “Product knowledge, application, call sheets, script breakdowns, covering scars and tattoos. Let’s just say I took five pages of notes!!! This was just phenomenal. I’m going to bed on that noteJ.” & “Also it was wonderful to have met all of our fellow industry pros. The atmosphere definitely felt like family.” & “Phenomenal woman, thank you!” & “If she has a class anywhere I would definitely follow her.”

Christel Irick says, “Loved how she kept everything so down to Earth. My head is spinning with all the take away.” & “What a great workshop today with Kelcey Fry. Thank you so much to the SC Film Commission and the Paul Mitchell School in Columbia for hosting the event. So much great information and so uplifting.”

Alisa Jervise Locke also states: “The SC Film Commission is really giving us all they have. The form of educating us via workshop and training classes that is of NO cost to us. Most of these workshops in the market place would cost anywhere from $500 and up. SCFC brought in Ms. Kelcey Fry who was PHENOMINAL. She gave us a full course in make-up in one day!!! She is so talented and has an exceptional and outstanding resume of full movie credits and awards. I am still in awe at this moment. I was really blessed by the WISDOM and ENCOURAGEMENT she gave to the group which was confirmation to me. She is a true people person and overall just beautiful. She knows her stuff!!! If she is ever here again, don’t miss the opportunity to attend. We have everything at our disposal, let’s take advantage. & “Hope everyone is still on fire from yesterday. According to Ms. Kelcey, put everything you do on one website. It makes it less confusing. I have 6 pages of notes from yesterday.”

Renee Goodwin Heroy says, “I love Kelsey Fry.”

Sonia Elliot-Johnson says, “Great artist!”

Stephanie Grace says, “Kelcey, You’re an amazing woman with a beautiful soul. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of the industry.” & “I am even more inspired to excel and follow my dreams.”  

Michelleby Lawson says, “Amazing lady!!!” & “Wow! I was so inspired, motivated, appreciative, and the list goes on. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Kelcey Fry! Such an amazing woman! Awesome workshop and I also had a chance to meet some good people.”

Dan Sandy says, “The workshop with Kelcey Fry today was awesome. She is a very talented artist with a great wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience. I think all of us learned a lot. Thank you to Tom Clark with the SCFC and to the great people at the Paul Mitchell School in Columbia for hosting the event.”
Michelle Rose says, “The workshop was fabulous. Kelcey Fry was so down to Earth. I just loved her personality as she made learning so much fun and gave so much information in such a short time. If you missed this workshop you missed out. Don’t miss the next one.”

Kari Lynch-Koerper says: Thats our girl!!! Ms Kelcey Fry ....senior instructor for Joe Blasco Makeup Centers both locations Hollywood and Orlando!

And the man himself, JOE BLASCO: I am so proud to know that Kelcey Fry, one of my first apprentices, is now carrying on my mentoring position and tradition by training young, and not so young, aspiring makeup artists. Ms. Fry has been teaching at my school as well as other colleges, and at the makeup artist union Local 706 in Hollywood. She teaches with the same passion and dedication that made both me and my schools, and my many award winning graduates worldwide so outstandingly successful. To sit in on one of Ms. Fry's classes is incredibly inspirational, informative and a memorable privilege.

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